Hospitality at Work

SAMHI is a privately-owned hotel asset company that specialises in development, acquisition and ownership of branded hotels. Housed in a petite 12,500 Sq.Ft of space housing its core team of 75 people, Samhi’s corporate offices are a living embodiment of its warm & friendly work culture, its open and dynamic work environment & its refined and understated hospitality heritage.

The curvilinear periphery of the compact floor space provides great views of the adjoining public spaces of DLF Cyber citi where the project is located. The design direction arising from this mandated creating all build up spaces, including meeting, conference, reception server rooms etc. in the core of the building, thereby liberating the peripheral spaces with views to the workspaces.

Work settings include Y shaped open  plan works stations, an open café space for casual & collaborative working as well as an enclosed lounge space with a distinctly hospitality feel. The offices though its refined design &  impeccable detailing helped  not only  in attraction of talent to the new firm, but also impressed hospitality majors and inspired confidence in nurturing fledgling partnerships into full scale engagements in development of hotels across India

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  • 11,800 Sq.Ft