MMT | Let's Travel

Travel is about experiences… of  people, places, culture, history, architecture, sports, food  and nature..


Make My Trip’s office design is an ode to Travel.


The workspace is designed like a big city with spaces reflecting various aspects of the travel. Arrival lounge , old city architecture, urban street,  shopping district, open café, food truck. eclectic restaurant  etc are all part of the MMT city.


Housing over 2000 people this office allows for employees to have unique experiences every day making it a fun and engaging workspace.


There are various areas of interest, but the cafeteria stands out as a space where people meet, eat and are merry . The paved walkways, a farm market, the wicker furniture, the plants give one the unique feeling of sitting in an outdoor café. A forum space is designed to hold town halls and also a space where the employees let their hair down while the office band plays some breathtaking music. As one walks further in a food truck awaits with the daily goodies. This space allows employees to relax, to connect,  to unwind and to rejuvenate .


MMT office is  all about travel, It’s all about experiences…​

Make My Trip

1,42,000 Sq.ft.