MICROSOFT | Mind Games

As one of the world’s great tech companies, Microsoft realizes that technology needs to be human centric to stay relevant to the users. Our design solution for the Microsoft offices taps into this vision by providing a workspace to its employees that is technologically cutting edge but at the same time a warm, & welcoming host in its design articulation and material selection.


The workspace design is open plan with exposed ceilings and a loft studio look. Meeting and support spaces, designed in conventional meeting room formats as well as informal spaces provide alternative work scenarios which challenge conventional workspace dynamics and create new possibilities for interactions.


Embedded in the visual design are playful cues for the curious. The massive Rajasthani Haveli design doors provide an unforgettable arrival experience for the globetrotting workforce and cues them right away into a local context. The laser cut metal screen at the reception, replicates the geometry of Pascal’s triangles in a nod to the engineering & mathematical heritage of Microsoft. This is a perfect place for great minds to be at work, and at play!

Microsoft India

28,000 Sq.Ft